Anti-aging Night Cream

Facial care is not an easy task. Most women ask when they should start using an anti-aging cream and how it should be used properly.

It is true that the skin changes over time, and needs extra hydration. At the same time, genetic factors, environmental effects and lifestyle, contribute to the process of aging.

A suitable anti-aging cream is a key factor in reducing fine lines, wrinkles and all other characteristics that promote skin aging.

What are the essential characteristics of an anti-aging cream?

An anti-aging cream of fine quality must contain:

  • Ingredients that help reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Vitamins such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C, that nourish the skin
  • Moisturisers that keep the skin deeply hydrated, such as shea butter.

MEY ULTIMATE NIGHT CREAM is an advanced technological formulation containing shea butter for hydration and a combination of matrikines for visible anti-wrinkle action. Its key features are:

  • Prevention of wrinkle appearance
  • Protection of elastin from breakdown and improvement of the appearance of wrinkles and skin relaxation
  • Restoration of elasticity
  • Reduction of free radicals and synthesis of new collagen through a mixture of stem cells and tripeptides.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties promoted by raspberry stem cell extract
  • Protection against pollution, free radicals and aging due to tomato stem cells



Extra tips for choosing the proper anti-aging cream

It is important to carefully read the brochure, in order to verify whether or not the cream you chose is appropriate for your skin type.

In addition, there is always a possibility that an ingredient might cause irritation or allergic reaction on the skin. Therefore, you should always apply a small amount of cream on your forearm. If the skin shows neither redness nor itching you may apply the cream on your face and neck.


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