Beauty Protocol to reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Over time, the collagen and elastin of our skin decreases and so the first expression wrinkles begin to form. These are usually thin and shallow lines that usually appear in the corners of the eyes, in the middle between the eyebrows, and around the lips.

In the process, these fine lines tend to become more pronounced and then we officially call them wrinkles. Of course, we cannot completely prevent the existence of wrinkles, but we can follow all the appropriate steps in order to delay and improve their appearance.

Dekaz company knows in depth the needs of mature skin and shows us how we can meet these needs with products from Mey of Switzerland, to maintain a firm skin, full of health and vitality, regardless of our age.



 MEY Platinum Nourishing, Rejuvenating & Lifting Cream 50ml


Mey Platinum Nourishing, Rejuvenating & Lifting Cream 50ml is part of the fight against wrinkles, which offers nourishment, renewal and firmness to mature skin thanks to its valuable ingredients. The platinum solution balances the energy of the skin, giving it a natural tone, while the champagne extract regulates the natural moisture and helps in the deep hydration and regeneration of the skin. In addition, the concentrated mixture of ceramides, fatty acids and oligopeptides acts synergistically to repair the damaged skin barrier as it minimizes damage and signs of aging, smoothing wrinkles.

MEY Hyaluronic Peptide Drops 30ml


The contribution of the serum of youth in the battle with time, is now known and given. Mey Hyaluronic Peptide Drops 30ml anti-ageing serum offers 24-hour action against wrinkles, as it smoothes and tones the skin. The success ingredients of Mey Hyaluronic Peptide Drops are the enhancement of the DNA repair process and the Hyaluronic acid it contains, which protects the skin from external factors, creating a hydrating film. Finally, watermelon extract protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation and its harmful effects.




MEY Instant Wrinkle Fighter 30ml


Mey Instant Wrinkle Fighter 30ml is a new generation treatment against the signs of ageing. It also works extremely well as a primer, properly preparing the skin for the application of make-up. The skin becomes smooth and soft, without imperfections, while the appearance of pores is minimized. And if you are wondering how a product can provide so many actions, the answer lies in its ingredients! Multi-action Pore Refiner reduces shine, smoothes the skin and reduces the appearance of dilated pores, raspberry stem cell extract stimulates the composition of Hyaluronic acid, giving hydration, elasticity and firmness to the skin. Also, the Natural Relaxing Wrinkle Fighter ingredient offers relief from the signs of stress and provides a proven reduction of skin roughness and the depth of wrinkles.



Mey Ultimate Night Cream 45ml 


Finally, sleeping at night is very important for the health of our skin as our cells are renewed and toxins are removed. Also, collagen production is activated and the skin is being regenerated. And why not take even more advantage of our night rest, offering our skin the ultimate night cream for shocking results?


Mey Ultimate Night Cream 45ml contains:

💎Shea butter for hydration


Raspberry stem cell extract with strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

💎Tomato stem cell extract for shine and action against free radicals

💎Mixture of plant stem cells and tripeptides to enhance collagen

💎Progerin Regulator: a great ally in the fight against wrinkles


In a short time after use, it guarantees an increase in elasticity, a reduction in relaxation in the contour area of ​​the face and an improvement in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Make a real gift to yourself and wake up with “new” skin!