Face cream with Botox effect..

Skin aging is a physical procedure that leads to loss of elasticity as well as spot and wrinkle appearance. It’s a common truth that today there are many ways to treat facial skin. The daily routine should include proper cleansing, hydration and sun protection. Are those steps enough to retain the firmness and the youthfulness of the skin?

The answer to this question is no, as each woman’s genes play an important role.

Aging of the skin

A really significant factor on skin aging is the exposure in the sun radiation. UV radiation affects negatively the skin, forming free radicals. At the same time bad lifestyle habits (smoking, alcohol consumption), contribute also to faster aging of the skin. Finally, as we get older, the fibers found in the skin get harder.

MEY brings revolution with Instant Wrinkle Fighter which has results similar to those of invasive treatments. It’s a new generation targeted treatment that acts directly to the visible signs of aging. Within seconds the skin becomes smoother and ready to use make-up. The secret active ingredient, Natural Relaxing Wrinkle fighter, provides relief from stress marks, reduces the wrinkle depth and skin roughness.

Studies have shown how the product application containing 0.3% of Natural Relaxing Wrinkle Fighter reduces skin roughness by 14% and wrinkle depth by 17% after a week of use.

For correct application after face cleansing, apply a small amount of the product to the whole face. Then continue with make-up application.


Which cosmetics should be used in conjuction with the anti-aging face cream?

The anti-aging face cream should be combined with sun protection. Use a sunscreen with wide-spectrum UVA and UVB filters to help minimise the harmful effects of UV radiation and prevent premature aging.

The role of using eye cream is also important, as it helps to reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone. At the same time, it enhances the correction of dark circles and swelling under the eye area.

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