Face whitening treatment

Excessive exposure to sunlight leads to excessive production of melanin, which in turn causes discoloration on the face, neck, décolleté and hands. These discolorations are so-called freckles and their appearance is mainly caused by the sun. Sometimes, their appearance may be due to the use of certain cosmetics or medicines.

What are spots?

Spots are benign colour lesions in the area of the skin that are either light or dark in colour. Most often they occur due to excessive exposure to sunlight. If not treated immediately, the spots tend to multiply and grow larger.

How do we prevent the appearance of spots?

To prevent blemishes, it is important to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Initially, it is best to avoid staying long hours under the sun, especially during the summer months. It would be beneficial to wear sunscreen daily throughout the year.

MEY offers MEY Sun Care Emulsion Very High Protection SPF 50+, a sunscreen that helps minimise the harmful effects of sunlight, such as erythema and the appearance of premature aging spots. Crithum Maritimum Callus Culture filtrate reduce the production of melanin and regulate the mechanism of skin pigmentation, helping treat colour disorders.

How will you naturally deal with the appearance of spots?

If you have not been able to prevent the appearance of spots, there are several ways to treat them.

Initially, the exfoliation step is important, as it will help to remove the presence of dead cells and enhance the process of cell renewal. Prefer an exfoliating product with fruit acids-AHA.

MEY Deep smoothing & Cell renewal lotion helps to effectively exfoliate the skin and offers relief on the dry skin that has suffered destructive environmental damages. Repeated use can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Following, combine with the use of a whitening cream. A whitening cream will help reduce skin discoloration in women who are prone to freckle and spot formation.

MEY Crème Eclaircissante Cellulaire acts in the deeper layers of the skin, prevents the formation of freckles and spots, while at the same time helps to discolour existing ones. With daily use, the skin will remain radiant and healthy. Use topically once a day.

Finally, as mentioned in the prevention process, it is important to use sunscreen throughout the year. The sunscreen will prevent the spread of existing freckles or spots.

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