Hair Care and Hair Loss

To keep your hair healthy and beautiful, you need to adopt a proper daily care.

Hair wash

Hair care usually begins from hair wash. The frequency of hair wash depends on your hair type (oily, mixed and normal hair). However, it is important to clarify that external factors and hormonal disorders might change your hair type.

Having consider all the above, it is important to choose the right shampoo for your hair. Mey of Switzerland has launched MEYRIN SHAMPOO , which is ideal for daily use. It contains trace elements that stimulate cellular metabolism and growth. Suitable for weak and fragile hairs. Dermatologically tested, without added parabens and artificial colors.

Hair washing should start with lukewarm water, as hot water causes dryness in the hair scalp. Then apply a dose of shampoo and make foam with your hand. Finally rinse off with lukewarm water.

Hair mask

After rinsing off your hair, apply a mask that suits to your hair type. Hair mask is applied on the edges of the hair, so as not to cause greasiness.

Hair drying

Hair drying is a really important stage of your hair treatment. High temperature is likely to cause dryness to your scalp. For this reason, avoid the continuous use of hot air while using your hair dryer.

Hair loss

Hair loss is a frequent phenomenon that usually occurs at some time on the lifetime of a woman or man is hair loss. It’s absolutely normal for a person to lose 50-100 hairs per day. This phenomenon is not alarming, as new hairs are developed on the scalp. However, hair loss happens when hair drop is increased and at the same time the follicles of the scalp are destroyed and their place is taken by a scar tissue.

Causes of hair loss

Causes of hair loss vary depending on the person, as it is very likely to happen either due to health problems or other factors. Below are the most common reasons of hair loss:

  • Family History (heredity) is the most common cause of hair loss.
  • Hormonal changes like pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and thyroid problems can cause permanent or temporary hair loss.
  • Medications used for arthritis, depression, heart problems and high blood pressure can have as side effect hair loss.

Hair loss prevention

It is very important for people with predisposition to hair loss to watch out the following:

  • Healthy diet, food rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Stop smoking
  • Stress Reduction
  • Wash your hair with a special shampoo against hair loss. MEY of Switzerland has launched ERICRIN SHAMPOO against hair loss. Zinc which is present in a protein complex, is completely absorbed by the body and strengthens the hair scalp. At the same time, Dexpanthenol and Germ Oil contribute to EPICRIN SHAMPOO antioxidant and reconstruction action.