Secrets for fuller lips

Every woman wants to have full and juicy lips. There are several ways to make your lips look more hydrated and bigger, without the intervention of cosmetic surgery. Below you will find secrets to follow:

Lip exfoliation

Lip exfoliation is the ideal way to get full lips, as dead cells are removed and replaced by new healthy ones. You can exfoliate with a towel or a toothbrush. However, a great idea is the exfoliation with sugar and honey, which nourishes and highlights the lips and makes the lips look richer and deeply hydrated.

Use a moisturising lip balm

Hydration of the lips plays an important factor in their development, since hydrated skin looks healthier and more radiant. The lips look fuller and brighter. Choose the Real Rebel colour perfect lip balm, which has the shade of olive green, but actually reacts with the chemistry of every woman’s body to enhance and emphasise her own, natural lip colour. It is a perfectly formulated formula that contains jojoba oil, olive extract, shea butter and beeswax for rich hydration, protection and soft, sexy lips for kissing, all year round.

Use concealer to erase the line around your lips

A secret to highlight your lips is to use concealer on the outer line of the lips, so that it looks more natural. Use a small brush with a small amount of concealer around the contour of the lips and then apply make-up powder.

Use a lip contour

It is a very smart choice to use lip contour before applying the lipstick, as the lipstick can spread better and highlight the natural shape of each woman’s lips. However, it is important not to stray from the natural shape of your lips, as the result will not be natural.

Avoid dark coloured lipsticks

If your lips do not have a natural volume, it is better to avoid lipsticks that are intense and have a dark colour, such as red and dark purple. Prefer natural shades of pink and nude.

Apply lip gloss to the center of the lips

A secret you can do to highlight your lips is to place lip gloss in the centre of the lips. This way you can give natural volume to your lips. Place a small amount in the centre of the lower lip, creating the illusion that your lips are fuller.

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