Spring & summer with measures and protection products

The government’s measures to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic may be slowly receding, but we must not forget that the danger has not passed.

😷By following all the necessary measures, such as the use of a mask and safety distances, but also by observing the rules of hygiene, we will be able to return to the normal rhythms of everyday life.

🧼Thorough hand washing, as well as the use of a quality antiseptic, should be our ally, not only throughout this period, but for our entire lives.

🦠It is a fact that most infections that affect our body come from microorganisms, which, a powerful antiseptic, could fight. On the other hand, we know very well that a strong antiseptic, dries and dehydrates our hands and can possibly cause irritation to sensitive skin.


🌵But how can we constantly use an antiseptic that dehydrates and dries our hands?

iskin Hand Cleansing Gel 250ml


🌱The answer is given by the company Dekaz which presents its antiseptic, iskin, which promises antiseptic action with 70% ethanol, that nourishes and takes care of the skin, thanks to glycerin and aloe.


  • Suitable for daily use
  • No need to rinse
  • In a package of 250 & 500ml
  • In a form of gel


              iskin Hand Cleansing Gel 500ml


❤️ Here are tips for protecting the second most exposed part of our body, after our face, our hands:

  • We always prefer ethanol-based antiseptics
  • Antiseptics are recommended to have moisturising and emollient properties.
  • Do not use antiseptic on dirty hands.
  • Do not apply antiseptic to wet hands, as it may dry them out.
  • When washing your hands, first wet them with water and then thoroughly clean them with soap and not the other way around.
  • When using surface disinfectants, you must wear protective gloves.

👄Finally, it is best to avoid antiseptics in spray form, as droplets often get into the mucous membranes and can cause dryness and allergies.


⚠️However, we must be careful with the use of antiseptics!